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How to create an insurance website

We’re living in an online world. Immediate insurance quotes online… Over 40% of internet users have gone mobile… Let’s face it. If you’re not online, you’re missing out. With that being said, individual insurance agents, and even larger insurance companies are facing the issues and struggles of owning a successful online website that truly represents […]

Transparent Life Insurance Company logo’s

It’s always great having a logo available for the life insurance companies you’re representing. For this reason, you can find multiple life insurance company logo’s in this post. If you feel like some are missing, just place a comment and we’ll add it! Most logo’s have received an quick background removal, leaving some white outlines. It’s best […]

Insurance, the most challenging career in the world.

Life Insurance agents, you got to hand it to them. They work long hours, never ending calls… and your competitors? Only million dollar companies. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it! On the flip side, if you’re in business for over 5 years as a Life Agent, statistics show you could buy a Porsche […]

4 Essential Ways to Increase Insurance Website Traffic

Increasing traffic is usually the number one goal of any website, but for insurance related websites, you can’t stress traffic enough. The best source of traffic will always remain organic traffic, which are basically visitors that landed on your website through search engines. Not only is this traffic usually better than paid traffic since the […]

Live chat for life insurance websites

If you own a life insurance website, or you’ve been thinking about taking the step to move your business online, here’s a great tip to further enhance your customer experience. Live chat support In this day and age, it’s all about offering what your customer in a way that’s easy and quick – without loss of […]

How a professional website will increase insurance policy sales

Although the subject life insurance isn’t too popular among people, having a life insurance policy is essential to guarantee the future of your children, spouse or friends. This is the reason why life insurance agents need to invest in platforms that will increase their exposure to attract more clients. Being on the internet gives you the […]