How to create an insurance website

How to create an insurance website

We’re living in an online world. Immediate insurance quotes online… Over 40% of internet users have gone mobile… Let’s face it. If you’re not online, you’re missing out.

With that being said, individual insurance agents, and even larger insurance companies are facing the issues and struggles of owning a successful online website that truly represents their business, converts and all while remaining affordable.

How do you get started?

Initially you have a few options when wanting to start an online business. These options are:

Creating your own insurance website
Hiring a web design company
Hiring a web design freelancer/individual

I’ll cover each option below with it’s own benefits and downsides, but before I get to that point, I want to make something clear.

No matter what route you’re going to take, you will experience tough choices. However, if you plan ahead, make goals and strive towards those goals, you will succeed.

Option 1, Creating your own insurance website

There are a number of platforms available that allow you to create your own website fairly simple. All inclusive solutions usually charge a modest month-to-month or annual fee. Other platforms such as WordPress are entirely free, but you will be in charge of setting up your platform, hosting and other required aspects. Google will be your best friend.

Some platforms even create a website for you, entirely AI (artificial intelligence) based.

The number of successful websites created by an inexperienced owner are however very slim. Often it proves more time consuming than imagined, and with increasing fees, most websites don’t make it past the first year. Those that do often have a poor conversion rate.

Today, just about anyone can create a website. It’s designing one that requires a professional.
Compare it to an architect. Yes, you can create your own house plan, but you’re bound to run into some issues along the way.

As negative as the above may sound, with time and most importantly determination, it’s very plausible to create your own website.

Option 2, Hiring a web design company to create your insurance website

Web design companies come in all sizes, forms and more importantly, business ethics. Always compare multiple web design companies, the initial communication and quote often give you an instant experience of the company you’re dealing with.

Before you contact multiple web design companies, prepare some questions you want to ask in a notepad or simply write them down.

It’s not a guarantee that the biggest/most expensive company does not always provide the best communication and results.

Some important questions are (but do not limit your questions to these 4);

  • Are the services provided by your company handled in-house or are they being outsourced?
    There is always a percentage of companies that don’t do the work themselves. They act as a middleman if you will. Your work will be sent to another individual/company, that then reports back to the middleman – that reports to you. It’s a huge communication barrier and will often result in long turnaround times.
  • Does your company create websites using pre-made templates?
    I would say around 80% of web design companies today simply use pre-made templates, and you can’t always tell by the quote. One of my clients received a quote from such a company for over $5,000, that simply uses a $50 template. They slap on your logo and information, and call it a day. It’s extremely important to receive a custom designed and custom developed website, in order to stand out to the competition.
  • Is there a contract involved? Are there recurring fees?
    When conducting business with any service provider, it’s incredibly important to know what you’re up against ahead of time. For example, company B provides a quote for $2,000 with no recurring fees and company C provides a quote for $500 with a recurring $150/month fee. Company B requires more of an initial investment, but you’ll be saving $1800 per year. Obviously this is the better choice.
  • Lastly, have a budget in mind.
    Every project is different, so it’s impossible to place a price tag on how much a website should cost. However, for a regular website for an insurance individual/small company with no special requirements that is custom designed and developed in-house, you shouldn’t have to pay more than $2,000-$4,000 – and that’s pushing it.

    No idea what you should spend? Shoot us an email, we’ll be happy to brainstorm with you.

Around 80% of our clients already own a website, before they decide to hire us. This is simply because they have either outgrown their current website, or they are not satisfied with their current website for various reasons (such as ongoing fees, non converting design, or it simply does not work as it’s supposed to).

It usually pays off in the long run to be initially prepared when comparing companies, knowing a budget, and knowing what you need.

Any web design company that is truly committed to what they do should offer you free advice and provide a solution that you need – if not, keep looking!

Option 3, Hiring an individual/freelancer to create your insurance website

The web design freelancer market is bigger and more accessible than ever before. Websites such as freelancer, peopleperhour, odesk and others make it very simply to post a project and receive quotes.

However, as someone who has hired dozens of people for various tasks before, I can say this also comes with it’s own set of problems.

Anyone can set up an account on these marketplaces, no feedback or experience required. More often than not, individuals are from foreign countries which creates it’s own set of problems, such as language barriers, huge time zone differences, and basically little to no security.

If a freelancer based in another country decides to up the price midway the project, you have little to no choice then to agree, as they can simply pull the plug on your project, and you’re back to square one.

That being said, when you filter through many proposals and take the time to find someone with a decent amount of feedback (these marketplaces often show reviews of past projects), and find someone who is located in a country that you feel comfortable with, it is possible to get a project done for a smaller price.

It’s a simple decision of price over communication, security and accessibility.
Always ask for a phone call, and ask the questions mentioned above. You’ll know who you’re dealing with in no time.
Personally, I would advise against placing a website project on freelancer platforms. It may be a good choice for small inexpensive projects such as a logo or business cards design rather than the online presentation of your company.

I truly hope this article has helped you. If you’re looking for more information or you want to know what your website should cost, simply give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to help.

Life Insurance Company logos

Transparent Life Insurance Company logo’s

It’s always great having a logo available for the life insurance companies you’re representing.

For this reason, you can find multiple life insurance company logo’s in this post. If you feel like some are missing, just place a comment and we’ll add it!

Most logo’s have received an quick background removal, leaving some white outlines. It’s best to use these transparent life insurance logo’s on a light background.

Life insurance company logo’s

Transparent Lincoln Financial Group logo Transparent Banner Life insurance logo Transparent North American life insurance logo Transparent Ohio National Financial life insurance logo Transparent Principal life insurance logo Transparent Axa life insurance logo Transparent Pacific Life insurance logo Transparent National Western life insurance logo Transparent AIG life insurance logo Transparent American Memorial life insurance logo Transparent Family Life insurance logo Transparent Mutual of Omaha life insurance logo Transparent Prudential life insurance logo Transparent Assurity life insurance logo Transparent United Home Life insurance logo Transparent Banner life insurance logo Transparent William Penn life insurance logo Transparent Sagicor life insurance logo Transparent National Life Group life insurance logo Transparent Liberty Bankers life insurance logo Transparent Transamerica life insurance logo Transparent American National life insurance logo Transparent Madison National life insurance logo Transparent American Continental life insurance logo Transparent SBLI life insurance logo Transparent Legal & General life insurance logo Transparent Kemper life insurance logo Transparent Gerber life insurance logo Transparent Genworth life insurance logo Transparent Foresters life insurance logo Transparent Fidelity life insurance logo Transparent Midland National life insurance logo Transparent MetLife life insurance logo Transparent Cincinnati life insurance logo Transparent Protective life insurance logo Transparent Nationwide life insurance logo Transparent Guardian life insurance logo Transparent Ameritas life insurance logo Transparent Minnesota life insurance logo Transparent Columbus life insurance logo Transparent MassMutual life insurance logo

Note: We do not claim copyright to any of these life insurance company logo’s. We simply removed the background so it’s easier to use for agents. We can not be held responsible for misuse or abuse of these logo’s.

Life Insurance, the most challenging career in the world

Insurance, the most challenging career in the world.

Life Insurance agents, you got to hand it to them. They work long hours, never ending calls… and your competitors? Only million dollar companies.

Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it!

On the flip side, if you’re in business for over 5 years as a Life Agent, statistics show you could buy a Porsche 911 turbo a year… If you’re single.

Life insurance infographic, the most challenging career in the world

4 Essential Ways to Increase Insurance Website Traffic

4 Essential Ways to Increase Insurance Website Traffic

Increasing traffic is usually the number one goal of any website, but for insurance related websites, you can’t stress traffic enough.

The best source of traffic will always remain organic traffic, which are basically visitors that landed on your website through search engines.

Not only is this traffic usually better than paid traffic since the visitor is looking for what you’re offering, but best of all it’s completely free!

Social media

Yes, the age old tip of becoming social media active remains a very important role in organic traffic. You don’t have to be social media on every platform, just the platforms your target public is active on, be it Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

You don’t have to post all day – everyone has better things to do than that, but simply connecting with coworkers, people in your same business category and so on will slowly but surely allow you to grow your social media connections, and search engines will take notice.

Insurance press release

You may wonder if it’s worth your time and effort to get in touch with press websites, regarding publishing an article about you or your business. I can guarantee you that it is.

Not only will you enjoy (usually free) publication, but when your press release offers hardcore information people are looking for – it will drive traffic to your website, along with building a reputation for yourself.

Furthermore, press websites usually have a higher authority on the web and a back link to your website will help your website long-term in more ways than you can imagine.

Blogging or adding pages to your insurance website

Search engines love new content on any website, regardless of what business category you’re in. Blogging is ideal for this, especially when you cover content that hasn’t really been covered before, example: How to get life insurance with a Schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder, or Comparing quotes for Sleep Apnea Patients.

Articles such as the ones above are in depth, well researched pieces of information that your visitors and search engines will love.

Don’t have time to blog yourself? Hire us to do it for you!

Inbound and outbound links

If you’ve been active for a while online, most likely you’ve heard of the term “back link” before. In short, a back link or inbound link is another website linking to your website.

Search engines check inbound links, and when it’s coming from a high authority (popular) website in a relevant category, your website will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

What is a relevant back link? For example, a link from a frequent insurance press website. An irrelevant back link can be considered a link from directories where you buy a back link, or from an entirely different business category (such as a web shop).

Along with inbound links, search engines also take notice at outbound links (links from your website to other websites).

Outbound links should preferably link to relevant websites as well. Placing (multiple) links to irrelevant websites may hurt your website in the long run.

For this reason, many press websites try to focus on one subject in general, for example finances – rather than mixing finance press with fashion press.

So there you have, 4 essential and proven ways to increase your insurance website traffic.


Live chat for life insurance websites

If you own a life insurance website, or you’ve been thinking about taking the step to move your business online, here’s a great tip to further enhance your customer experience.

Live chat support

In this day and age, it’s all about offering what your customer in a way that’s easy and quick – without loss of quality of course.

The life insurance business is a highly competitive business, so small details can make all the difference between gaining or losing a possible customer or policy sale.

Making communication is one of those details that can make all the difference! Along with a contact form and easy to find phone number, a live chat is a great way to offer easy support to your website visitors.

Live chat makes your life easier

Many people may think live chat becomes a hassle, but it actually does make your life easier. I’ll use Zopim live chat software for this example. 

  • With Zopim, you could be working on your computer like you do on a daily basis. Once someone initiates a chat, you’ll hear Zopim notifying you, which is great so you don’t miss out simply because you don’t have that specific tab open.
  • Furthermore, you don’t have to keep track of contact information, what number belongs to who again? Zopim allows a 14 day chat history (with the free plan), and an unlimited chat history with any paid plan (starting around $14).
    Do you work with multiple agents? No problem, the paid plans allow multiple support people to accept incoming chats, all with chat history.
  • But wait, the benefits keep going. When you opt for any paid plan, you can also use Zopim’s interesting function, “triggers”. Triggers allow for the chat to pop up to the person visiting your website, after a certain trigger is met. This could be a certain amount of time spent on your website, and so on.
    This is a pretty interesting option, say your visitor has been on your website for about 3 minutes. This shows that he’s interested in your services, initiating a chat will feel them somewhat important and eases the communication barrier.

So there you have it, live chat really can make your life easier as a life insurance agent. Interested? Check out Zopim for yourself, you can always start with the free plan which will get enable you to offer live chat on your website entirely free. No trial, no hidden fee’s, completely free.

Not sure how to integrate Zopim with your website? Give us a shout and we’ll be able to hook you up. No matter what platform your website uses, Zopim can be integrated with any website!

How a professional website will increase insurance policy sales

Although the subject life insurance isn’t too popular among people, having a life insurance policy is essential to guarantee the future of your children, spouse or friends. This is the reason why life insurance agents need to invest in platforms that will increase their exposure to attract more clients.

Being on the internet gives you the privilege to access potential customers quicker and easier than ever before. Though you need to have a website to make an impact – a top notch and effective website. As a life insurance agent, you enjoy the benefits of using an web designer specialized in the insurance category for your life insurance website.

Why a Life Insurance Agent Needs a Professional Website

Life insurance is a sensitive subject and needs to be treated with the seriousness it deserves. If you want people to take your services seriously, you need to have professional website. Although creating a website yourself has become easier for an individual to handle, it’s important to consider using the services of a web designer who specializes in creating life insurance websites. Apart from saving valuable time and a lot of hassle, you most likely lack the know-how and skill of how to really get your ideas out there.

Furthermore, a professionally designed and developed website will bring in more traffic as well!

How is this possible? Well, a professionally designed website is more efficient, faster and includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which gives you higher ranking in Google searches, which, in turn, helps potential customers to find you. A modern professional design enables visitors to navigate easily on the site, and offers the trust that people are looking for.

A life insurance agent with a unique website for their business that has been designed specifically for their nature of work reinforces what they are trying to achieve, which is to increase insurance sales. Such a site gives customers the right information about life insurance and attracts them to your business for the right reasons.

Why we are the right choice

We deliver life insurance agents beautiful, professional and responsive web design. Today, technology has really evolved, and it is a great idea to move with the trend. is managed by a skilled and qualified web designer, who specializes in creating websites for life insurance agents, managing them, increasing conversion and publicity and so much more.

We are highly experienced in insurance web design, graphic design, marketing, seo, copywriting and use the right tools to build a website that works to increase your visitors volume, as well as increase insurance sales.

Do you want a professional responsive website, along with the tools to track where your visitors came from and where they’re going? Solutions to get lost visitors back to your website? It’s possible, and more affordable then you think.

We have worked with many life insurance agents, and we understand what your goals are and where you are coming from. Furthermore, our prices are very affordable, and have a history of only satisfied customers, feel free to contact any of them!

If you want your life insurance business to grow, contact us today for awesome solutions that match your needs!