How to create an insurance website

How to create an insurance website

We’re living in an online world. Immediate insurance quotes online… Over 40% of internet users have gone mobile… Let’s face it. If you’re not online, you’re missing out.

With that being said, individual insurance agents, and even larger insurance companies are facing the issues and struggles of owning a successful online website that truly represents their business, converts and all while remaining affordable.

How do you get started?

Initially you have a few options when wanting to start an online business. These options are:

Creating your own insurance website
Hiring a web design company
Hiring a web design freelancer/individual

I’ll cover each option below with it’s own benefits and downsides, but before I get to that point, I want to make something clear.

No matter what route you’re going to take, you will experience tough choices. However, if you plan ahead, make goals and strive towards those goals, you will succeed.

Option 1, Creating your own insurance website

There are a number of platforms available that allow you to create your own website fairly simple. All inclusive solutions usually charge a modest month-to-month or annual fee. Other platforms such as WordPress are entirely free, but you will be in charge of setting up your platform, hosting and other required aspects. Google will be your best friend.

Some platforms even create a website for you, entirely AI (artificial intelligence) based.

The number of successful websites created by an inexperienced owner are however very slim. Often it proves more time consuming than imagined, and with increasing fees, most websites don’t make it past the first year. Those that do often have a poor conversion rate.

Today, just about anyone can create a website. It’s designing one that requires a professional.
Compare it to an architect. Yes, you can create your own house plan, but you’re bound to run into some issues along the way.

As negative as the above may sound, with time and most importantly determination, it’s very plausible to create your own website.

Option 2, Hiring a web design company to create your insurance website

Web design companies come in all sizes, forms and more importantly, business ethics. Always compare multiple web design companies, the initial communication and quote often give you an instant experience of the company you’re dealing with.

Before you contact multiple web design companies, prepare some questions you want to ask in a notepad or simply write them down.

It’s not a guarantee that the biggest/most expensive company does not always provide the best communication and results.

Some important questions are (but do not limit your questions to these 4);

  • Are the services provided by your company handled in-house or are they being outsourced?
    There is always a percentage of companies that don’t do the work themselves. They act as a middleman if you will. Your work will be sent to another individual/company, that then reports back to the middleman – that reports to you. It’s a huge communication barrier and will often result in long turnaround times.
  • Does your company create websites using pre-made templates?
    I would say around 80% of web design companies today simply use pre-made templates, and you can’t always tell by the quote. One of my clients received a quote from such a company for over $5,000, that simply uses a $50 template. They slap on your logo and information, and call it a day. It’s extremely important to receive a custom designed and custom developed website, in order to stand out to the competition.
  • Is there a contract involved? Are there recurring fees?
    When conducting business with any service provider, it’s incredibly important to know what you’re up against ahead of time. For example, company B provides a quote for $2,000 with no recurring fees and company C provides a quote for $500 with a recurring $150/month fee. Company B requires more of an initial investment, but you’ll be saving $1800 per year. Obviously this is the better choice.
  • Lastly, have a budget in mind.
    Every project is different, so it’s impossible to place a price tag on how much a website should cost. However, for a regular website for an insurance individual/small company with no special requirements that is custom designed and developed in-house, you shouldn’t have to pay more than $2,000-$4,000 – and that’s pushing it.

    No idea what you should spend? Shoot us an email, we’ll be happy to brainstorm with you.

Around 80% of our clients already own a website, before they decide to hire us. This is simply because they have either outgrown their current website, or they are not satisfied with their current website for various reasons (such as ongoing fees, non converting design, or it simply does not work as it’s supposed to).

It usually pays off in the long run to be initially prepared when comparing companies, knowing a budget, and knowing what you need.

Any web design company that is truly committed to what they do should offer you free advice and provide a solution that you need – if not, keep looking!

Option 3, Hiring an individual/freelancer to create your insurance website

The web design freelancer market is bigger and more accessible than ever before. Websites such as freelancer, peopleperhour, odesk and others make it very simply to post a project and receive quotes.

However, as someone who has hired dozens of people for various tasks before, I can say this also comes with it’s own set of problems.

Anyone can set up an account on these marketplaces, no feedback or experience required. More often than not, individuals are from foreign countries which creates it’s own set of problems, such as language barriers, huge time zone differences, and basically little to no security.

If a freelancer based in another country decides to up the price midway the project, you have little to no choice then to agree, as they can simply pull the plug on your project, and you’re back to square one.

That being said, when you filter through many proposals and take the time to find someone with a decent amount of feedback (these marketplaces often show reviews of past projects), and find someone who is located in a country that you feel comfortable with, it is possible to get a project done for a smaller price.

It’s a simple decision of price over communication, security and accessibility.
Always ask for a phone call, and ask the questions mentioned above. You’ll know who you’re dealing with in no time.
Personally, I would advise against placing a website project on freelancer platforms. It may be a good choice for small inexpensive projects such as a logo or business cards design rather than the online presentation of your company.

I truly hope this article has helped you. If you’re looking for more information or you want to know what your website should cost, simply give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to help.

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