Life Insurance Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Plant SEO seed

It all starts by planting an SEO seed

SEO can be considered as a garden. When you don’t plant any seeds, your garden will remain a grass patch.

Planting multiple seeds with a diversity will allow you to enjoy a variety of flowers and plants, much like with SEO.

Nourishing SEO sprout

Nourishing your SEO sprout

Once you have planted a diversity of seeds, you will have to nourish these seeds in order for them to grow.

You could leave them unsupervised and they might flourish, but when you use proper soil, and water them properly, their success rate increases dramatically.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor

Once you have planted and nourished your seeds, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

A beautiful garden that maintains itself with minimum supervision.

Let’s explain it in real SEO relevant terms

SEO is not something that happens naturally, it takes time to plan and execute.

SEO also contains many algorithms, aspects and elements that have to be properly optimized, this could range from proper on-site Search Engine Optimization, to being active on social media, publishing blog posts, get back links from relevant websites, and so on.

The more “seeds” you plant, or the more SEO elements you take in consideration and optimize, the more you will enjoy the fruit of your labors.

Once you understand SEO in this way of thinking, everything will become much clearer and easier to understand.

In short, SEO is an ongoing thing and when you do it properly, you are guaranteed to reap the benefits. When you try to take shortcuts or depend on questionable methods (also called Black Hat SEO), you might hurt your website more then benefit it.

Google for example never stops optimizing their algorithms to separate the good from the bad, based on multiple (White Hat) SEO aspects and optimizations.

Life Insurance Web Design is an expert at on-site SEO

What is on-site SEO?

Like explained above, there are multiple elements that should be optimized for Search Engines, this goes for your website as well.

On-site SEO can drastically change how well a website ranks on SERP, along with what keywords it ranks for. By optimizing various elements on your website, Google and other Search Engines will understand your website better, and rank it accordingly.

Say your website hasn’t really been optimized, and your main keywords are “life insurance” in general.

Your website might never see the daylight of Google’s first page, simply due to the high amount of competition. By hiring us to optimize your website for more specific keywords, your website can rank from page unknown to page 3, 2 and even 1.

When you offer a certain type of insurance to a certain group of people, this drastically decreases your competition, and with a good optimization, you’ll be on the right path to securing a well ranked position in Google.

Example: We chose to specialize ourselves in web design for life insurance agents and companies. Since this decreases the competition level drastically compared to offering web design for anyone, we rank between 1st and 3rd place on the first page of Google for “life insurance web design”, due to proper on-site SEO.

What we can do

We will first analyse your entire website and ask you what you offer exactly to what public, this gives us a better idea of what your competition level is, and allows us to plan accordingly.

Based on this information, we will optimize the following:

  • Inspect or install Google Analytics
  • Your website content
  • Keyword use and density
  • Page titles and descriptions
  • Proper link hierarchy
  • Optimized alt-text for images

Furthermore, we will advice you and give you suggestions regarding adding or changing your website content.