Live chat for life insurance websites

If you own a life insurance website, or you’ve been thinking about taking the step to move your business online, here’s a great tip to further enhance your customer experience.

Live chat support

In this day and age, it’s all about offering what your customer in a way that’s easy and quick – without loss of quality of course.

The life insurance business is a highly competitive business, so small details can make all the difference between gaining or losing a possible customer or policy sale.

Making communication is one of those details that can make all the difference! Along with a contact form and easy to find phone number, a live chat is a great way to offer easy support to your website visitors.

Live chat makes your life easier

Many people may think live chat becomes a hassle, but it actually does make your life easier. I’ll use Zopim live chat software for this example. 

  • With Zopim, you could be working on your computer like you do on a daily basis. Once someone initiates a chat, you’ll hear Zopim notifying you, which is great so you don’t miss out simply because you don’t have that specific tab open.
  • Furthermore, you don’t have to keep track of contact information, what number belongs to who again? Zopim allows a 14 day chat history (with the free plan), and an unlimited chat history with any paid plan (starting around $14).
    Do you work with multiple agents? No problem, the paid plans allow multiple support people to accept incoming chats, all with chat history.
  • But wait, the benefits keep going. When you opt for any paid plan, you can also use Zopim’s interesting function, “triggers”. Triggers allow for the chat to pop up to the person visiting your website, after a certain trigger is met. This could be a certain amount of time spent on your website, and so on.
    This is a pretty interesting option, say your visitor has been on your website for about 3 minutes. This shows that he’s interested in your services, initiating a chat will feel them somewhat important and eases the communication barrier.

So there you have it, live chat really can make your life easier as a life insurance agent. Interested? Check out Zopim for yourself, you can always start with the free plan which will get enable you to offer live chat on your website entirely free. No trial, no hidden fee’s, completely free.

Not sure how to integrate Zopim with your website? Give us a shout and we’ll be able to hook you up. No matter what platform your website uses, Zopim can be integrated with any website!

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